Moroccan bond comes to the table with Amrabat after flirted KNVB

From the bond is there action to the young to retain for the Moroccan team Amrabat.

Very soon there will be a conversation going to be between a delegation from the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF heavy and the camp Amrabat. The 20-year-old Sofyan Amrabat can count on interest from the NFL, national coach Dick Advocaat said last Friday that the midfielder is a player to keep an eye on. Not yet, however, he saw the need to call in to the Feyenoord player for the big orange.

Something Federal President Faouzi Lekjaa and national coach Hervé Renard, among other things, want to avoid. Hence that conversation, this morning brought out by the Telegraph, where one single international would convince the final for his roots.

It will not be long or Amrabat and his family will address the invitation of Lekjaa.