Tarik Chadlioui should be extradited to Spain

The British Court ruled that Tarik Ibn Ali should not be extradited to Spain.

The United Kingdom established in the Belgian-Moroccan imam Tarik Chadlioui, also known as Tarik Ibn Ali, can be extradited, the British Court decided. Chadlioui (43) is accused of making propaganda films that encourage people to fight for Daesh in Syria, reports the . The alleged crimes relate to two visits to Mallorca in 2014 and 2015.

Chadlioui's lawyers indicated that the extradition violates his human rights. They told the Court that rendition of Chadlioui, father of eight children, his right to family life (in the context of the European Convention on human rights). Chadlioui is the only breadwinner of the family who lives in Birmingham since 2015.

The head of the Court Emma Arbuthnot refused the claim, because the family of Chadlioui is eligible for social security (including benefits) and help from the mosque can search.

"In the worst case, and I accept that it might be difficult, the oldest two children search for a job-they are 17 and 18", said Arbuthnot.

Chadlioui was one of six people who on 28 June in different countries in Europe were arrested at the request of researchers in Majorca. At earlier hearings Chadloui protested against his imprisonment and gave to his innocence.

His 43-year-old lawyer, Malcolm Hawke, told the Court: "his defense is that he has made thousands of these videos, why is he not arrested in Belgium? If he already, this would be recruited for Daesh long before he had arrived in the United Kingdom noted its ".

Chadlioui has seven days to appeal against the decision.

Muslims like to listen to Chadlioui. He is loved by his fresh way of sermons and used humor to clarify things. Mosque authorities see him also like to come because he loaded the mosques.