Significant increase in fuel prices in Morocco

Despite stabilization of the oil price, will remain in Morocco the price rise.

While the price of a barrel of oil stabilized between the $50 and 54, the Moroccan gas stations very expensive fuel prices, Al Ahdath Al Maghribia charge.

The newspaper added that the fact that Moroccan gas stations still carry out price increases while falling oil prices, many questions concerning their adoption of the rates.

Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, which a round made along several gas stations, reports that the average prices have increased by 6 cents compared with last week.

For example, in Casablanca was a liter of diesel on Monday 2 October 9.42 dirham, while (super) petrol showed an increase of almost 11 cents.

The prices are per gas station differently, with some outlets is a liter diesel only 9.21 dirham dirham per liter petrol at 10.62.

Both consumers and the Government fear a repetition of the 2012 scenario, when the price of a barrel of oil exceeded the 100 dollar. The newspaper recalls, in this context, that the compensation fund had to stabilize the situation by 50 billion dirham to pay. This forced the Government of Adnan Baby to the fuel prices increase substantially.

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