Malta: 18 months in jail for Moroccan which helped in abortion

The Moroccan helped her Tunisian girlfriend in an abortion.

The Court of appeal in Malta confirmed the previous conviction of a Moroccan woman to 18 months in prison, since it has its Tunisian girlfriend (30), who is seven weeks pregnant, had helped in an abortion.

The facts date back to november 2014, when the Tunisian woman in the hospital was included because they had horrible pain in the lower abdomen. The doctors then discovered 4 tablets in her private parts. According to the patient that painkillers were bought in Tunis, Tunisia.

The medical examination found that the fetus at the time of admission to hospital was still alive, but that the heart had stopped beating shortly thereafter. The Tunisian confessed that they the tablets, which had gotten them from a Moroccan girlfriend, had inserted. She was sentenced to 2 years in prison after they confessed that they had used medication for the purpose of the pregnancy, reports H24info.

The Moroccan woman known in court all charges against her. The Court sentenced her to 18 months in prison, but the woman appealed against that decision. She stated that her confession was based on incorrect information from the Prosecutor and that the pregnancy was never confirmed.

The Court of appeal now has the job of the Moroccan woman rejected and stated that it had submitted a job only because she regrets her earlier confession. The 18 months ' imprisonment was thus maintained.