You are looking for ME to missing Anne

Anne Faber (25) from Utrecht, the Netherlands has been missing since Friday.

About forty ME ' ers go Wednesday at the end of the afternoon help to Anne Faber (25) from Utrecht, who has been missing since Friday. The ME ' ers Combs once again the forest area in Huis ter Heide from where Wednesday all day by forensic detectives of the police is wanted. "So we know for sure that nothing has been overlooked," said a spokeswoman for the police.

The police also searched Wednesday along a bike path in the neighbouring Den Dolder. It is intended to continue to look for in and around the area.

In the forest is Tuesday clothing found, which very likely by Faber is. Wednesday there was still no absolute certainty about according to the police, but the find was reason enough to seal off the forest area for further research. A horse meadow is with an accurate picture of all kinds of equipment. Camera footage of an adjacent Defence site have been studied.

Through the forest runs a bike path that according to many local residents is used to from Bilthoven to Zeist. The path is barely visible from the road. It's also part of a bicycle route that Faber may have followed. Detection dogs have Wednesday in the Woods and along the bike path. Traces are found that would also lead in Den Dolder.

Concerned citizens have also meegezocht along the border either very busy Wednesday Amersfoortseweg at Zeist. The police, according to the spokeswoman happy with any help, but asks not to be alone in the forest. That would be possible traces can destroy. Similarly, the police still like images having security cameras to the large buildings around the forest.

The family of the missing woman, the police Wednesday in a statement thanks for the ' hard work '. Also the family called for camera images.

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