In the picture: the main concerns Morocco drug bust of 2.5 tons of cocaine (video)

The size of this drug bust was so impressive that the organized a special press conference for BCIJ there.

More than 2.5 tons of pure cocaine was seized yesterday in Skhirat and Nador, the Moroccan authorities for one of the largest and most important catches ever. The responsible security body organized a press conference today in sale to the confiscation of the vast amount of. The street value of the addictive medium would be a whopping 25.8 billion DH, converted into dollars over 2.7 billion.

The 13 suspects held to BCIJ, it was also a number of vehicles seized and a yet unknown sum of money (in various currency). Among those arrested were also some suspects that the Dutch nationality.

[video = youtube; uzqv7Lpqb4o] time_continue = 4 & v = uzqv7Lpqb4o [/video]