Agadir: Agadir Dolfin already announced World can count on fierce criticism

Not everyone is happy with the arrival of a Dolphinarium in Agadir ...

For the environmentalists of ONG Surfrider Foundation Maroc is the arrival of a Dolphinarium in Agadir a thorn in the eye. For them, to the opening of that Center, so they tried to enforce this recently through a petition. This would be to both local politics and rural Government are handed over to as a block against the arrival of this tourist resort.

So would include the accusation have been made that such attraction goes against the way Morocco recently is taking in the field of environmental politics. For Agadir Dolfin World is there according to these environmentalists no place in Agadir, the curtailment of the freedom of movement of the mammalian one would as one of the main reasons. In a press release this discontent was expressed several times.

It seems not on that this defense will be reason for rethinking the coming of Agadir Dolfin World, of such signals from the local politics is, as yet, no question.