Settat: 2.5 year old toddler succumbs to the effects of poisoning

6 other young children suffer from the exact same symptoms as the deceased girl.

The village community Oulad Sady, near Settat, was recently rocked by a drama with fatal outcome. As many as 7 children from the village, carrying the age from 2 to 6, were poisoned by an unknown substance what they would. One of those patients died unfortunately Monday to the consequences, and that at an age of only 2 years.

The other 6 included children are currently in critical condition, one of them has since been transferred to the Ibn free Wi hospital to Casablanca. In the nearby Hassan II hospital in Settat care medici themselves over the remaining 5. So far, so signs the medium Al Massae on, one is not yet behind the cause of the poisoning. However, the Director of the Hassan II hospital, Khalid Raqib, based on what he has seen so far that it could go to pesticides that in one way or another have been ingested by the children.

While with man and power is fought for the lives of these young victims, is the Royal Gendarmerie launched an investigation on how this drama has.

oulad sady