Director Islamic primary school An Noer denies fornication

The 32-year-old suspect justice Khalid t. of fornication with a thirteen-year-old girl.

The Director of an Islamic elementary school in Alphen aan den Rijn denies that he has committed fornication with a thirteen-year-old girl. The 32-year-old suspect Khalid t. Justice thereof. He was arrested early last week. His lawyer Shirley Brand believes that the public prosecution service (OM) Khalid t. on the "public scaffold".

According to the lawyer is no "research" done really and the accusations are "highly debatable". For the suspect has the case direct consequences. Thus, the Labour Party, for which he in the City Council of Gouda is, put him out of the party. The local group said to be baffled about the arrest.

The girl of thirteen is not a student of the Islamic primary school An Noer which Khalid t. Director. It is also suggested to have no evidence that Khalid t. committed fornication with pupils.

Splinter finds it "disproportionate and unjustified" that it is the school and informed the media about the case, while her client in restrictions and thereby itself could not publicly react. Those restrictions have since been lifted.

It is in the Hague holds those allegations "on behalf of the lawyer". A spokeswoman pointed out that justice itself has issued no press release on the arrest of the man. "Only the police have sent out a short press release on there." Then reported it to only have via Twitter that the judge had decided Khalid t. longer spokespersons and answered questions from journalists about the case.

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