WORLD CUP 2018: H, Harit, Munir and T in front of the Moroccan press (video)

After the national coach should also read this foursome have their say in front of the press.

Achraf was after his official debut for the people of Madrid H hailed by both the domestic and foreign press. So also spoke highly of his national coach, Hervé Renard, the talent of Real Madrid. The Frenchman spoke of a unique moment for the Moroccan football, the first ever Moroccan international minutes makes for the Royal.

In the framework of this exceptional performance got the only 18-year-old to the present moment are also Moroccan press H. The same was true for Schalke 04 stronghold Amine Harit, first choice among the lat Munir and finally Ahmed Reda T of the IRT Tanger.

[video = youtube;-NY54u1TKHc] v =-NY54u1TKHc [/video]

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