AIT Ourir: three men do attempted robbery on armored wagon

The men used swords and tear gas during their attack.

Three men, with a hood over their head, tried to overtake an armored car at Ait Ourir, 36 km from Marrakech. The attack took place on the evening of 2 October.

Three men came then to on their motorcycles and tried to overtake an armoured vehicle, not far from an agency of the Banque Populaire in Ait Ourir. Al Massae reports that one of the men attacked the driver with a sword, while the 2 others using tear gas tried the second passenger of the car off.

Faced with the resistance of the two passengers of the vehicle, the criminals had no choice but to flee to an unknown destination.

The driver of the vehicle was seriously injured on his hand. He was evacuated to a private clinic in Marrakech to receive the necessary care. A special team of the Royal Gendarmerie was sent to the scene of the incident for further investigation and to try to figure out the identity of the attackers.

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