VVD: questions about Al-Fitrah Foundation

The VVD is demanding clarification on the money that Al-Fitrah Foundation in Utrecht suddenly a property can buy.

The Organization became the talk of the town by possible extremism. A judge found that Al-Fitrah from the property had to due to a rent arrears.

According to the ruling party is not clear where the Organization suddenly 1.7 million euros come from. VVD-members Richard Tellegen and Malik Azmani Room to know if the Cabinet does have that information.

Also they ask or can be ruled out that the money from Al-Fitrah from controversial organizations. There is still no sight on where that money is coming from, complains Tellegen. She and want to further Azmani steps to prevent Al-Fitrah "can develop its activities".

The lawyer who previously assisted the Foundation in a conflict with the landlord could not confirm news about the sale of the property. The seller's lawyer was not available for comment.

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