Jackie Chan hint at Rush Hour 4

Will there be a Rush Hour 4?

Jackie Chan, who along with Chris Tucker in the movies to see, hinting there is on in a broadcast of the Los Angeles, California radio station Power 106. But there are still some matters are settled, showed when he entered deeper on the issue.

Chan was on the show to talk about The Foreigner. His new film is already a huge success in China and will soon also run in the United States. As the conversation came quickly on films he has made in the past, such as Rush Hour.

It is now twenty years since Chan and Tucker in the film. "Since then, I've tried everything," said Chan. "such as Karate Kid. There would be a second film come of it, but the script was not good. A few years ago they asked if I didn't wanted to do, but not anymore. I am now a Karate Man. Moreover, they are all now much larger as I do. " Then came Rush Hour. "That movie can you always do", said Chan. "next year!"

According to Chan is a script where he has given his blessing to. There will still be needed, but he expects the last bumps are quickly removed. "Then we can run next year", he said.

There is a but. Chris Tucker has yet to agree. Chan don't expect problems over there. "Money is not the problem," he says lightly. "It is just a question of whether he can free up time." Chan said a bit of a hurry to have with the movie. "Otherwise we will be old men."

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