The ideal age to get married according to Moroccans (video)

The question was called by the young bunch of 19 years who last week came frequently in the news.

The marriage of a young bunch of 19 years old caused much offline and online comments in Morocco after several television interviews. Some congratulated the two married couples, while others think that such a marriage is closed too early.

Lefr360 asked some Moroccans on the street what their ideal age is to get married. The first man says (freely translated): "the ideal age for me 26 years to get married so you you can educate young children".

The other says, "I would recommend the age of 30, but social issues such as the housing problem plays a role, 18 and 19 years I find young, both for a boy like a girl".

The woman says: "as far as I am concerned, should be a woman's first time her finish school so that her family can running, I'm 20, now I want to still do not marry only after my 24th". She gets asked the question why they want to get married, here they answer that they want a family.

Another man gives: "in the past it was better to get married, when there were not so many requirements. This time is difficult, there are many things that are expected of both parties, the bar is placed too high ".

A woman says: "I think 30 years is a good age to get married. I was 19 years old when I got married, I was young and had no mother. On my 20th I was divorced, I was still young and was not mature enough. The guy was much older than me, I don't remember how many years he was because it is a long time ago. The marriage did not work and have a child with him, but am separated ".

The last man says he is on its 25th wants to get married, "then you're done studying, you have your diploma and have your work. If I don't have work at that age I stay at home, why should I get married? " If I am employed, only then do I go marry he closes off.

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