' International Mohammed VI Quran competition ' will take place in november

The 13th edition of the annual international competition again.

The ' International Mohammed VI Quran competition ' will contain the following components: flagging, tajweed (a science that is related to rules designed for correct and beautiful recitation of the Quran) and explanation of the Holy Quran, has the Ministry of Religious Affairs announced in a statement.

The opening ceremony of the competition, scheduled on Tuesday 14 november, takes place in the Hall of the Koran school in the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, lefr360 reports. The League takes 2 days, from 14 to 15 november.

This Edition, which is attended by reciteurs from several Arab, Islamic and African countries as well as from Europe and Asia, illustrates the great importance and value of the Holy Book that the Ministry attaches to it, is also in the statement.

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