WORLD CUP 2018: Morocco Waltz with Boutaïb about Gabon hold back (video)

Games of the Moroccan national football team as you don't often see, it was feast tonight!

Where the expectations prior to this important duel were reasonably high, rolled the ball after the start signal saying in the Stade Mohammed V in Casablanca. From beginning to end it was Morocco which conducted the course of the game, everything and everyone seemed so very attuned to the loyal follower to enjoy. Ball possession and the offensive initiative were combined excellently, even before the score was opened one had to pronounce a number of chances for the lead.

With match winners and hattrick-hero Khalid Boutaïb is this encounter eventually assumed to us, however, is the final ranking by 3-0 flattering. With the number of pronounced opportunities what is over come, take those of Nordin Amrabat and Hakim Ziyech for example, could look easy 3 to 4 goals to be scored.

With this win, Morocco has the coveted World Cup ticket up for grabs. By the zeperd of tonight against the Lions v/d Atlas is Gabon finally disabled in this qualifying series. However is still the hot breath of the Ivorians Morocco's WORLD CUP dream haunt. On the 6th of next month one will at least have to end with a tie against the team of Marc Wilmots.

1. Morocco (9 points from 5 games, 9:0)
2. Côte d'Ivoire(8 points from 5 games, 7:3)
3. Gabon(5 points from 5 games, 2:7)
4. Mali (3 points from 5 games, 1:9)

[video = youtube; t4kQ_lSKiBE] v = t4kQ_lSKiBE [/video]

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