12 x travel etiquette for the Muslim travelers

Read this article the 12 travel etiquette that every Muslim traveler should know.

Abu Hurairah has ever reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: "three types of appeals will no doubt be answered: the prayer of those who have been wronged, the prayer of the traveler and the prayer of a father to his child." (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud)

When such a status is awarded to the prayer of a traveller, can that really just mean that travel to Islam a higher purpose. If so, we must take into account any respect (etiquette) while we travel. This as a form of responsibility and duty for ourselves, for those we leave behind and for those who we will meet on our tours. This is to make sure that Allah's blessings will continue to accompany us throughout the journey.

With this little effort we can of course not saddle with an endless list of adabs and etiquette, but we can have some practical tips to share with you.

Before your trip begins, make sure that all your responsibilities have been fulfilled until the day you return. For example, the delivery on an outstanding debt on someone or a task still to be done at work before you are away. For students is that any command or homework should be completed before departure. For parents, it is important to ensure that those who stay at home and under their responsibility, have sufficient funds to support themselves while you are away.

The point is, make your absence while traveling no excuse to escape your responsibilities. This will not only affect your personal reputation but also on the reputation of Islam itself.

In General, as with all acts in Islam, it is important to ensure that the intent and the purpose of your trip is not objectionable. By this, we mean that traveling should not be seen as an opportunity to do things that are prohibited when you are travelling, such as not smoking weed.

In line with the intention of right intentions, we advise you not to be in excessive spending during your preparations. Our experience has shown that a number of people unnecessarily spend a lot of money on new cases, clothing etc. for their travels. Such excesses are not only limited to the quality but also covers the quantity. For example: why would you take a huge suitcase while a medium already is more than enough? A smaller suitcase helps also against unnecessary spending while shopping.

It may seem cliché but it is important to before travelling to ask for blessings and forgiveness of your parents, your spouse, your children or anyone who is responsible for you. even in everyday life do you belong not to the House unannounced leave, who knows you may find the death en route. On the day of departure, it is also important to take the time to say goodbye to your family and loved ones.

If you leave out of your home, you step with your right foot first out the door and remember the following:

If you this recites: "Bismillāh, tawakkaltu ' ala ḥaula wa lā ilāha illā Allāh, wa quwwata billāh" (In the name of Allah, there is no power and no strength except in Allah) while you leave the House, then you will be told which means: "you are protected and rescued. Sheitan will leave you "(Tirmidhi, abu Dawud)

If you are in a group journey, it is important to be a leader within the group. As a result, you will not be distracted by the decision-making process in a group and it offers leadership during your trip. Abu Sa'id Al-khudri and Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him have said and what means: "When three people travelling together they should appoint one of them as their leader." (Abu Dawud)

We recommend to do some research to the places you'll go visit so that you can fully take advantage of your trip. Some recommendations to you in to read in some history of your destination, find out what currency you need (including countries in which you have to steps), or you need adapters and what the local times for prayer. This allows you to avoid unnecessary stress during your travels.

Before you leave the House, we can recommend you to perform two Raka'ah. At the end of this you can each dua you want to recite. In addition, you would also be able to recite the following: "Allahumma inni bihinna ilaika fakhlifni fi ataqarrabu ahli wa maali"

Another advantage after running these two Raka'at is that you leave the House in a washed. There are many advantages to think to be in a State to be washed, as for example that you don't have to do a wash again during your trip. Especially when there is limited water available.

Khaulah bint Hakim has narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him said and what does: ' Who alights somewhere and says: "bikalimatil attammaat min sharri laahi A'udhu maa khalaq" (I seek refuge with the perfect words of Allah from the evil of what he has created). Nothing will harm him until he leaves that place. " (Muslim)

So we urge you to memorize and recite this moving to a new place, it will provide protection by Allah, in sha Allah.

We also advise travelers to dress modestly and behave when they travel. It is not only out of respect for the place and the people you visit, but it is also maintaining our personal duty to Allah, peace be upon him. Remember that wherever you go and who you also speaks, you will always be an Ambassador of Islam. Make sure that you are aware of this fact and be on your best!

A last point of respect: buy, when possible, some gifts or souvenirs for your family members, friends or colleagues who have stood out for you during your absence at work. It represents a warm gesture of good will and your appreciation for them.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said and what does: "give each other gifts, which will lead to more love for each other." (Bukhari)