Nordin Amrabat: ' my little brother plays for no other country than Morocco '

About clarity spoken!

The rumor was buzzing for weeks in both the domestic and foreign media, however, is that geruchtencaroussel stopped last night. Moroccan international Nordin Amrabat gave shortly after the 3-0 victory over Gabon to know that Radio MARS opposite his younger brother Moroccan-international is and remains:

Further gave the attacker by CD Léganes, which was an outstanding match played last night, that Sofyan along with their father witnessed the gala performance against group enjoyed Gabon.

Friday we could via the Telegraph still learn that the KNVB like to table would like to sit with the player in question. After the European Championship qualifier against Ukraine national junior team of upcoming Tuesday would have had to find this discussion place, however it seems this effort after the statements by Nordin Amrabat to no avail.

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