Defense seeks to missing Anne F

Anne F has been around since september 29 missing.

Defense seeks Monday near Soesterberg air base to the missing Anne Faber (25). Also veterans are helping me. The search team consists of 220 people, police said.

The search for Anne Faber is resumed in an area around locations in Huis ter Heide (municipality of Zeist) where previously traces are found. Defence was already involved in research, but were looking for not in the Woods. Now there in a different way in a larger area is wanted, the army active with it.

About 75 employees of Defense help in the search, just as agents, mobile unit, volunteers of the Red Cross and family and friends of Anne Faber.

Anne F departed 29 september from Utrecht for a bike ride, but since then nothing more of her. Last week was in Huis ter Heide the jacket found of the missing woman. Thursday night was one in the pond at Huis ter Heide omafiets found that most probably by her. Friday was probably of a backpack found that Anne is.

anne faber