Morocco furious about note of Belgian State Secretary for asylum and migration

Morocco has officially commented through the Embassy in Brussels.

Morocco, through its Embassy in Brussels has officially responded to the note of the Belgian State Secretary for asylum and migration, Theo Francken, that the human rights situation in Morocco compared with that of Sudan.

Francken did this statement in an interview published Saturday in the Belgian newspapers ' La Libre belgique ' and ' La Dernière Heure ' Morocco and left not long in coming with a response.

"The Embassy of Morocco in Belgium expresses its deep outrage from violent protest and after the statements by the Belgian State Secretary for asylum and migration, Mr. Theo Francken", read a declaration to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The diplomatic representation of the Kingdom indicates that the statements made by Mr Francken witnesses from "a lack of knowledge of the mechanisms of cooperation and permanent dialogue between the two countries in all matters".

These statements, underlined the statement, "are politically unacceptable".

The Moroccan Embassy find this kind of dangerous and provocative statements "regrettable", coming from a member of the Belgian Government, while the very close relations between the two countries "a versatile cooperation and friendship high level ".

This is not the first soundbite of Falls in 2011, he said in a Facebook message: "I suggest something at the economic added value of the Jewish, Chinese and Indian (sic) diaspora, but less for the Moroccan, Congolese or Algerian. Or is that too burnt? ".

In 2007 a leaked email in which he wrote: "the fact the bvb. more and more often that gays be treated aggressively in the bvb. Brussels, has everything to do with the high number of Muslims and kutmarokkaantjes and not with us ".