Suspect in case Anne Faber held

Related to the loss of Anne Faber is a suspect arrested.

It is a 27-year-old man from Den Dolder. He has been detained on suspicion of involvement in the loss of Faber. She is still missing.

The man sat a long sentence for violent and sexual crimes, and sits in a forensic psychiatric unit of a clinic in Den Dolder. He was like the police, "gradually returning in the society". What the regime of the clinic on that area exactly was is not known, said a spokesman for the police.

Detectives got him Sunday in the visor. Based on what, says the police do not. What is clear is that the police man watching in the hope that Faber so it could be retrieved. When that didn't happen, he was still picked up Monday.

Main goal of the research is now find out where Anne is and what the involvement of the accused is at her loss, the police. The accused is interrogated and his corridors are examined, from the loss of F on Friday 29 september. The search of police, volunteers and defence continues.

Faber is Traceless since a bicycle tour on 29 september. In and around Huis ter Heide is already days to her wanted. Her coat was found last week, and a cheaper and a backpack that probably by her.

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