Famous police officer Hall Mellouli arrested

He is accused of kidnapping and rape.

The examining magistrate of the Court of appeal in Rabat has last Friday the arrest of the police officer Hall Mellouli ordered for alleged abduction and rape. This followed after a complaint from a girl who said to have been abducted and raped by him under threat of a knife.

Mellouli was arrested the same day. Mellouli is next to police officer also a martial art champion and regularly share videos on social media.

According to the daily newspaper Assabah Mellouli has reportedly kidnapped and transported to the girl in Casablanca Rabat, more precisely to Hay Riad where a friend of his lives, in order to rape her there. A charge that the police officer himself strongly denied.

Hicham Mellouli was held last July already for 2 months suspended by the DGSN. That were soft said not to mention the videos that Mellouli on social media spread, in which he among other confiscated knives or drugs.

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