Fight against terrorism: Morocco gets new scanning equipment at airports

The State-of-the-art scanning equipment specializes in the detection of explosives.

Morocco is preparing to strengthen its security system at airports by new State-of-the-art scanning equipment to install. News medium Al Massae, announced yesterday, gives this information which indicated that the installation of the new scanners all major airports, including Casablanca.

According to the same source, these scanners are very effective in detecting explosives and are already on several major foreign airports used.

Morocco has the new scanning equipment can acquire after a deal that was completed in september with the United States at a cost of more than $260,000. This material, known for the precision of the body scans that it can perform, Morocco would be allowed to the resources that have been set up in the context of the fight against terrorism.

The scanning equipment is installed at major control points in airports, making it the conventional metal detector which is used to date will replace it.

In addition, the new scanners make it possible to strengthen the fight against the international drug trade, as Mohammed V airport in Casablanca is often used by drug runners.

Different sub-Saharan travelers, who for a transit in Morocco are, moreover, often at the airports of Morocco arrested for drug smuggling. These come especially to flights coming from Latin America and they try to introduce the drug in Africa. The body scan also allows for the drugs are transported through the stomach better.

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