Saudi billionaire transforms Andalusian Palace in halal hotel

Palacio de Conte in Sevilla is sold and is converted into a halal hotel.

The Islamic Foundation Taqwa, led by the Saudi Sheikh Abdelaziz Fawzan, the Palacio de Conte in Seville retrieved to transform it in a halal hotel. The acquisition took 4.9 million dollars.

In this hotel will only offer halal food and no alcohol or pork. They want to offer to the market a specific service for Muslims, gives lefr360.

"It's a hotel that is open to everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims, although it will be halal, which ensures that there is no illegal drinking or eating," said the Foundation.

"The establishment, with 18 rooms and a Conference Hall, will organize cultural events to the Islamic and the Latin culture knowledge to make" told the Secretary of the Foundation, Hussein Mansur, against the Spanish press.

The Foundation has already paid $4.9 million for the Palace, paid out of funds of Sheikh Fawzan, a businessman who is interested in culture, "said Mansur. "Fawzan is a professor of Islamic law in Saudi Arabia, a member of the Saudi Council Financial Banks and the Saudi Human Rights Committee", he added.

The Spanish press came out with this by stating that the police finance the purchase by the Islamic Foundation Taqwa examines.