Moroccan teachers need 30 years working to get to early retirement

Teachers must be at least 30 years active in service have been to early retirement.

With the aim to lay the groundwork for "appropriate conditions" for the start of the academic year 2018-2019, announced the Ministry of education the new criteria for early retirement. This is the time when medical absence and temporary suspensions aren't counted.

Applicants for early retirement shall submit their applications for 31 August 2018. The applicants will begin to receive their pensions once their applications are approved.

The Ministry has indicated that in the year 2019 the number of retired professors about 54 percent of all teachers will reach in the three different levels of education: primary, preparatory and secondary, gives to Moroccoworldnews common.

In september, Parliament adopted a new law to 2014 the retirement age of employees in the education sector to increase to 65 years. The new law is to take effect on 2 August gone and requires of primary and secondary teachers who already 60 years old to les to keep giving, instead of retirement.