UN: 11,000 Rohingya back to Bangladesh

The influx of refugees is growing again.

More than 11,000 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh Monday are drawn. That confirmed UN refugee agency UNHCR, which announced with the local authorities to set up a temporary shelter.

A spokesman for the High Commissioner for refugees spoke in Geneva over a sharp increase in the number of refugees that cross the border. Last week it went to about 2000 people a day. "We are again in a situation where we need to store large alarm because of the influx", he suggested.

It is unclear why the refugee flow is growing. "Some of these people are some days ago fled from their homes; others two weeks ago ", said the spokesman. "We must clearly preparing for the arrival of more refugees."

Since the end of August, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar crossed the border. They have moved into huge refugee camps. The World Health Organization (WHO) began Tuesday with the vaccination of the displaced Rohingya against cholera.

More than a thousand employees in the camps to draw people to be vaccinated, said the WHO representative in Bangladesh. He warned that the vaccination campaign is not an alternative for solving the problems of the lack of sanitation and drinking water facilities in the camps. "We win there only time with it."

The living conditions of many refugees are bad. Opeengepropt people live in huts of bamboo or sailing on muddy hills. Improvised toilets sometimes come out on the lakes where refugees are in washing, while many new drinking water wells according to the WHO, shallow and polluted.