N: 230 tons of medicines and medical equipment for hospitals in the region

The Moroccan Minister of health Hamlyn Easo was itself at the handing-over and visited some yet to realize projects.

Nador and some surrounding cities in the region were quite recently supported by the Moroccan Ministry of health. In the person of the Minister himself, Hamlyn Easo, was launched for the realization of an Oncology Center (institution focused on the healing and treatment of cancer patients). In this future health centre can also visit patients suffering from the effects of diabetes, psychiatric diseases and burns.

Visit were immediately brought to other yet to realize health care institutions in the region. Among other things, Z and Maddy are large scale projects on the planning. Both projects that is currently in the final stages are shared for more than 150 million dirham on the budget. It is also one in Delos Reyes in the process of setting up a provincial hospital no less than 17850 square meters.

To the Board of the health institutions that there are already more than 200 wheelchairs Easo shared during his visits, and he handed the keys of no less than 7 ambulances.

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hamlyn easo