Chtouka AIT Baha: school principal let all his students questioning by gendarmerie

The human rights organisation requires clarification on the school director who left his own pupils.

A noteworthy happen recently at a school in Chtouka Ait Baha. After the mysterious disappearance of some school property would be the Director of the educational institution all its pupils have let questioning by members of the gendarmerie. This would be a very strange setting for the local human rights organization have happened. The Moroccan medium Al Massae reports that all pupils during a whole afternoon one by one have been questioned about the theft.

Ultimately, this led to the arrest of 9 defendants, however is the way in which this research was carried out far from ideal. As was also evident in the direct response of the human rights association, immediately it is higher up. At the Ministry of education was insisted on in the future occurrence of such detection methods, this action was then also sharply condemned.

There is, moreover, not published or the Director in question is addressed or punished for this practice.