Rajoy demands clearing of Catalans

The Spanish Prime Minister wants clarity or last night well whether or not the independence was declared.

The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy claims of the Government of Catalonia region that it points out if they declared independence Tuesday or not. Based on that explanation Madrid considering on the steps that it is taking against Catalonia.

The Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont called Tuesday in his speech in Parliament in Barcelona not independence, but asked for a mandate to do that. He said there must be time given to negotiations immediately with Spain. Later in the evening, he even more confusion by together with a number of other regional politicians to sign a document in which Catalonia declares itself independent of Spain. Spanish media claimed that the statement "a symbolic rather than a legal character". About the document is not tuned in the Catalan Parliament.

Rajoy called its Council of Ministers meeting to discuss a response to the wednesdaymorning speech of Puigdemont. By the Government of Catalonia region formally ask for clarification, Rajoy depending on the response of the Region Government Article 155 of the Constitution. With this article can raise the Catalan self-government Rajoy and the region under the control of Madrid.