Moroccan public: How is the situation of women in Morocco? (video)

Yesterday was the national women's day in Morocco

On the occasion of the National Women's day, which was celebrated yesterday, asked Lefr360 a number of citizens to express their views on the situation of women in Morocco. Among them there are who believe that Morocco is on the right track in terms of gender equality, but others are much less optimistic, the opinions were different.

So gave the first man: "as for women's day to congratulate the Moroccan women, my mother and wife.  As for the status of women is my personal many that this is better, both on stage as the daily life of the woman.  There are women who have very heavy and which, for example, still need to extract water from the well itself, the situation in the city is better ".

Another man said: "it's better than before, almost 100 percent better, this is what I experience in the 64 years that I live".

[video = youtube; mVL28pWQiP4] v = mVL28pWQiP4 [/video]