Malika Mezzani sentenced to 2 months ' imprisonment

They threatened to expel and kill Arabs ' '.

The "activist" Malika Mezzane was on september 17, arrested and taken into custody after they in a facebook video Arabs threatened to expel and kill "" as the Kurds in the Middle East no independent State.

Mezzane was yesterday by the Court in Rabat sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for ' risk of committing a crime ' and ' discrimination ', told her lawyer Mohamed Silviana to H24info.

According to Mohamed Silviana wants the Defense appeal against today's Malika Mezzane condemning the Court in Rabat. "We were hoping on prosecution in a State of freedom, but Justice refused, it is unfortunate because Mrs Mezzane nerve attacks regularly in prison, her situation is critical".

It is not the first time that Mezzane in the spotlight, so she called in 2014 for a sexual jihad to support the Kurds in Syria and Iraq against Daesh fighting.

malika mezzani