Hanane does her story about accusations towards Sheikh Mohamed Faisal (video)

The affair is already busy days, but who speaks well the truth?

Hanane accused the preacher Mohamed Faisal of abuse and that he has left her, as he had promised to marry her. Since her accusation is her word against his. The Sheikh, 68 years old and 49 years older than Hanane, denied the charges against him and told a different version of the story in the media.

In this interview with Télé Maroc Hanane tells her version of the story. The young woman says that Faisal was carrying her on social media and approached her to marry early. Mohamed Faisal says, however, that the Ha was first approached him.

"I didn't even know who it was," said the young woman to Télé Maroc. "He sent me many pictures of himself, where he with the King gets up. I told him I was illiterate, that I do not have known a lot of life, he would learn everything all me ".

Then, says Hanane, Mohamed Faisal went to her parents for her hand. The young woman explained that the meeting between the two families. Alone, "as soon as we were talking about marriage, he began to find excuses and said I had to wait".

But that's not all. HA also indicates that they have had sexual intercourse with Faisal, who firmly denies this myself. Hanane even stated that she was pregnant and at the request of Faisal this has broken down. "He told me that it is not haram was to abort the fetus if it is less than 40 days old".

HA has also as evidence a video show in which they together on "honeymoon" in Sidi Harazem.

Mohamed Faisal, for its part, continues to deny the accusations against him. In his defense, he stated that he wanted to marry with Hanane, but that he would not be involved, this after he discovered that the young woman was a "prostitute".

HA also claims that she has been kidnapped and abused by men on the orders of Faisal.

The question now is: who plays all day long now says the truth and who's lying there? The public prosecutor will tell in the end, they have officially opened an investigation into this whole affair.

[video = youtube; HEQG06swSGg] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 2 & v = HEQG06swSGg [/video]