S makes piece about ethnic profiling

The piece is called F * ck the Police.

Raymi Sambo is going to make a show about ethnic profiling. The piece of his own theatre company VIG would F * ck the Police and going mid november in Premiere, made the actor and Director Wednesday.

"The show focuses on the stick to ideals, making tough choices and ethnic profiling," says S. "Years ago one was convinced that ethnic profiling in Netherlands only one incident was, but today it is clear that it is a recurring phenomenon in the Dutch society."

F * ck the Police try to show both sides of the story, both those of the police and of the victims. The public sees six Dutch people with different backgrounds in the big city. Ordinary boys and girls but still they are often on the streets by the police detained. The piece is played by Anil Jagdewsing, Saïd El Abboudi, Lisa Otto, Nick Lami Silva, Jay T and Carmen by Mulier.

S ran in preparation for one day with a Rotterdam police inspector. Amnesty International supports the performance with educational material for students.

F * ck the Police goes on 12 november at the Bijlmer parktheater and is thereafter until February to see throughout the country. Also plays S the performance on many schools.

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