Syriëganger Laura h.: ' I wanted to be someone '

Syriëganger Laura h. insists they for her departure to Daesh area really did not know what was going on there.

In Iraq they came only behind the violent intentions of Daesh and wanted them after a few months away, so she kept the Court in Rotterdam Thursday for, sobbing and occasionally crying.

Her husband Ibrahim wanted to commit an attack, preferably in Netherlands or in another European country, said the 21-year-old h. from Leidschendam. H. extended explained how they influenced by her violent husband. Yet she remained with him, because she was "confused" and "wanted someone". Also her Islamic faith she explained from her need to "belonging".

With two small children, her son was still a baby, they left in september 2015. A year later she could get away from the Caliphate.

laura h. syriëganger