Improvement RN9 Marrakech-Ouarzazate do not compress

The Minister of transport gave an update on the improvement of the national road RN9.

The Minister of transport, Abdelkader Amara, gave an explanation on the progress of the project in the municipality of Amerzegane (40 km from Ouarzazate). The implementation of this project, in particular, improving road safety and the broadening and strengthening of the road, happens in stages.

The part in the province of Ouarzazate covers the improvement of 83 km road, of which 55 km already in progress is at a cost of 410 million dirham and 28 km yet to be realized "as soon as the necessary resources are available".

The remaining parts with a length of 93 km, of which a part has been realized and part still is scheduled, are covered by the provinces and Al-Haouz Marrakech, the Moroccan news agency reports folder. The amount mobilized for the realization of this 93 km amounts to 1.10 billion dirham.

The RN9 national road is the only national route from Marrakech to Ouarzazate, Zagora and the provinces Tinghir. It is one of the most dangerous shafts in the Kingdom.