' Wizard ' arrested in Rabat

The ' Wizard ' also showed photos to have in its possession of some high-ranking police officers.

The police did last week a surprise RAID on the area where the ' Wizard ' was caught in the Act. According to the news medium Assabah was the scammer black magic to practicing when the police invaded. To their surprise the police discovered pictures of some high-ranking police officers.

The man recognized that these photos came from desperate women who came to him to black magic or mistresses on the men to do so that the men would obey them. The man is often visited by desperate people who are guilty and to this devilish practice one of the greatest sins.

The man has acknowledged the charges against him and will therefore be tried for fraud by rituals of wizardry and extortion.

Sihr (black magic) is one of the greatest sins in islam (Qur'an 20:69).

"Avoid the seven destroyers." The people said: "what are these, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied:

"1. The awarding of partners to Allah

3. Killing a soul whom Allah has forbidden, except with law

4. The possession of an orphan (unlawful) consume

5. interest rate consuming

6. Run away from a battle field

7. Innocent faithful accuse women of lust. "

"The one who goes to a prophet or soothsayer and believes in what he says, verily, who is incredulous to what to Mohammad is sent down." (Narrated by Ahmad (9252) and Abu Daawoed (3904).

black magic