UAE: blind Moroccan woman ensures finally citizenship for her son

The woman and her son were by her (now ex-) husband leave.

Sameera Al Zaher, a 35-year-old Moroccan woman who had been blind for 15 years in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) lives, has nine years to obtain citizenship have to fight to for her son who was left by his father.

And that is successful thanks to the Crown Prince of Ajman, one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, which intervened to help Elizabeth. Her son got finally a Moroccan passport, according to The National, a local online newspaper.

In 2007 married Sameera Al Zaher with an Egyptian man whom she met in the United Arab Emirates and they got their son in February 2008. Her husband is after the birth of their son his paternal obligations not fulfilled and left them both, also, he left his son behind without a birth certificate.

"I was at work and was able to maintain my son and myself, but I could not get official documents for him, although I had tried all possible ways, but I was not successful, therefore he could not go to school," said Al Zaher, who private teachers for her son had hired to make sure that he still got education.

With the help of her friends and donors who have agreed to paying its rent and monthly bills, the Moroccan managed to create security.

During the battle that lasted nine years, tried all Zaher constantly to get a passport for her son, so that he can live legally in the UAE and can go to school.

In 2015, she contacted the Office of the Crown Prince of Ajman, which has provided for the necessary documents. Sheikh Ammar also took the boy's studies for his account and has him enrolled in a private school called ' Al Hikma '.

"May God bless him, the Crown Prince listened to my story and promised me that my problem would be resolved," she said.