Lawyer asks for acquittal Syriëganger Laura H.

Lawyer Michiel Pestman wants the public prosecutor's Office in the process is declared inadmissible.

Lawyer Michiel Pestman by Syriëganger Laura h. wants that the public prosecution service (OM) inadmissible in the process. It has to prove in his eyes against h. ill-gotten gains. If the Court that go too far, then he wants to acquittal or dismissal of prosecution for his client.

The lawyer believes that the 21-year-old h. no relevant contribution to the terrorist organisation Daesh. "She wanted and wants nothing to do with it." It has almost three years in prison, two years probation, claimed against her because of participation in the terrorist group and preparations for terrorism. Because they already have a year in pre-trial detention was, she wouldn't be back in the cell.

According to Pestman knew h. in september 2015 really don't think they would go to the fight area with her husband Ibrahim and two young children. It claims to be so, but relies on unreliable witnesses, said the counsel. Once there she felt fooled and wanted them all away quickly. She played housewife and only presence is not punishable, the counsel. In addition, the long-term abuse by her husband reason to dismiss her from legal proceedings, he finds.

It succeeded h. to 2016 in July with her children to get away from the Caliphate. Ibrahim wounded remained behind at the border. Pestman held for the High-Security Court in Rotterdam a long discourse on the schimmigheden around her flight. In other words, in addition to dubious contacts the Government there in a roundabout way interference. According to him, the Government wanted to get information about her husband and was not intended to help her.

By all these complications came h. in danger during her flight, according to Pestman. "All concerned conceal the flight story. As a result, it remained to long stick to the blackest scenario that h. here would like to commit an attack. "  He prefers to senior officials and the Minister of security and justice and call witnesses. Was not in and suggested that the flight also is not relevant to the indictment.

H. himself would find it unfair if they are convicted. "I'm not a bad person and have no one what."

The Court is on 13 november pronunciation.