Mysterious disappearance of six underage young people in Casablanca solved

The mysterious disappearances of questioning the security services.

The security forces in Casablanca were in a State of maximum alertness after the mysterious disappearance of six underage young people. The police services in the Hay Hassani District yesterday and the day before were overwhelmed by several families who reported the disappearance of their teenagers.

Most of these teens via Facebook came in contact with a person who manages two pages on the social network: "Didi El Ghorba" and "Didi El Ghorba Facebook". He praised the benefits of migration to Europe via Sebta and Melilla and campaigned against Morocco. The page was clearly intended to convince young people to go along and promised them that they would have a great life in Europe.

Among the promises made stood that teenagers when they arrived in Spain would be entitled to accommodation, protection and even an amount of 14,000 dirham to a private project to boot.

Just came across the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) happy with a statement in which they indicate a 22-year-old person to have been arrested for fraud and the use of an illegal immigration organization. The six teenagers are now also disappeared, they were localized in Tangier where she wanted to make the illegal crossing to Europe. The DGST intelligence was also involved in this case.

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