Speech by King Mohammed VI for the Parliament (video)

King Mohammed VI led yesterday the autumn session of the new legislative year in the House of representatives in Rabat.

The speech by King Mohammed VI was a continuation on the previous throne speech. He began his speech with the needs of the Moroccan people: quality education, health care for all and effective public administration far from corruption. The King indicated that there will be severe action against the dysfunctions that affect public services in relation to governance, efficiency and quality of services offered to the citizens.

The King also gave that the current Moroccan development model has demonstrated its limitations: it is no longer able to provide for the needs of the citizens, it creates too much inequality and does not include young people with insufficient training and training and/or are unemployed. The King in his speech also returned back to the delays of the project Manarat Al Moutawassit in Al Hoceima.

The King also announced a number of decisions to:

-with regard to investments will be a Ministry for African Affairs be established in order to follow their implementation. Within the Department of Home Affairs and finance is a follow-up unit set up.

-The Moroccan development model needs to be reviewed.

-Young people should receive special attention. There is a constitutional setting, the ' Advisory Board for young people '.

-Advanced regionalisation should have a strict implementation schedule. The human resources skills should be transferred to all regions.

The speech of the King brings crucial issues for the future of Morocco: the needs of citizens, income and jobs, dignity, but also health care, education, quality of public services, inclusiveness of young people and social and territorial disparities.

The video of the entire speech is available here:

[video = youtube; SdU54ZoMacI] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = SdU54ZoMacI [/video]

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