Sale: police officer arrested for involvement in traffic accident

The police officer, head brigadier in rank, there was after the accident gone away.

According to the first research data drove the officer in a service car, on an official mission from Errachidia to Rabat, when he aanreed against another car at a roundabout. That car collided by the hit against two other parked cars, reported the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) in a statement.

The police officer then left the scene of the traffic accident without the legal identification procedures to complete, while a child (11) that in the car sat who as first was hit, light injured, says the DGSN.  They added that there is material damage to the police vehicle and the other cars.

A judicial investigation has been opened against the police agent under the supervision of the public prosecutor of the Court in sale. DGSN noted that the police officer is in custody pending the completion of the investigation of the circumstances of the accident.

police officer
traffic accident