' To fall ' Raqqa State on point

The Syrian city of Raqqa, in 2014 by Daesh proclaimed as the capital of the Caliphate, is on the verge of falling.

That has a spokesman for the Syrian-Kurdish militia YPG said Saturday. It is rather a matter of hours than days. "The fight will continue, but Daesh is almost defeated. The city can already released today or tomorrow, "said Nouri Mahmoud.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that buses have been run to the last Daesh Raqqa-fighters and their family out of town. That would be part of a deal between the US-supported Syrian Democratic Daesh and armed forces (SDF), which the YPG belongs.

The coalition led by the United States in the fight against Daesh is also hopeful and announced that the last 24 hours about a hundred stijders have surrendered and have been removed. Where is not disclosed.

"We expect the next few days heavy fighting and say so not exactly when we think Daesh complete reports in Raqqa," said Colonel Ryan Dillon by e-mail. He added that about 85 percent of the city is recaptured on the terror organization. The past week are about 1500 civilians by the lines taken to safety.

If only the Raqqa, Daesh actually makes service in parts of the Syrian province Deir al-Zor, which borders Iraq. That area along the Euphrates River is attacked from two sides, by the SDF from the North and by the Syrian Government forces with Russian air support from the Southwest.