UAE goes city of 115 million building that mimics life on Mars

Mars 2017 as part of the strategy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now Mars Science City announced.

The UAE has started a project of 115 million euro that building a city where life on Mars is simulated. In a country renowned for its ground-breaking projects, this is definitely one of the most ambitious announcements to date.

Mars Science City is launched by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al heart, vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE, and ruler of Dubai, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE armed forces . The city has a total area of 1.9 million square metres are going to cover.

The ambitious scale of the project makes it the biggest space simulation city ever built. The city is meant to be a realistic model to simulate life on the surface of Mars.

The project falls within the UAE's efforts to lead in the global scientific race to go to transport humans to Mars. This March 2017 strategy was launched earlier this year by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and ultimately to establish a settlement on Mars to build within the next hundred years. There will be laboratories for food, energy and water are built. Also there will be agricultural testing be done and studies about the safety of the food.

A museum in the city will be built with 3D printing technology and sand from the Emirates desert. Here will be the greatest achievements of mankind in space are exhibited which to date have been achieved. In addition, there will be instructive information about space studies are available which enable young people can be inspired.

"The UAE wants international efforts with which it wants to develop technologies that benefit humanity. We want to create a foundation for a better future for future generations, "said Sheikh Mohammed. "We also want the passion for leadership of the UAE consolidate in science and help improve life on Earth and to the development of innovative solutions for our global challenges"

"We believe in the potential of the space science, and in cooperating with global partners and leaders in order to reap the benefits of the results of this study. A movement that tries to satisfy human needs and improve the quality of life on Earth. "

"The new project is another step in the contributions of the UAE to the global science. Our goal is to be an example and to motivate others to participate and to contribute to the March of mankind in space. "

The future plans for the city include various projects that aim to simulate life on Mars. So will there be a project in which a team will live for a year in the city of the red planet.

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