Fez: Daesh-terreurcel and prevent Authorities dismantle attack (video)

Great news today in Morocco!

This morning, the security and intelligence service BCIJ 11 arrests, as can be read in a press statement of the Ministry of internal affairs.

The preparations of the terreurcel were even in a so far advanced stage that there could be an attack committed in the foreseeable future. A suspicious parked car was part of the operation and was approached with a robot. Video images are seen here: The car was one of those arrested and suspicious substances were found in. To which substances this is going and whether it was a bomb further research will reveal, there is still no statement about given by the authorities.

In addition, knew the head of the BCIJ, Abdelhak Khiame, reporting that there different objects and weapons have been seized that indicate the advanced stage of preparations for attacks. Include various firearms, ammunition, swords, butane gas cylinders, liquids and chemicals to manufacture explosives, tear gas, electrical wires, nails, bags were toxic pesticides and paramilitary communications applications found.

Abdellatif Ha, head of the DGSN and DGST, has personally overseen the activities that have been carried out during this dismantling. He looked from a secret command post.

The 11 detainees were not only active in Fez, but also in Meknes, Casablanca, Khouribga, Zouiat Sheikh, Sidi Bennour, Demnate and Sidi Harazem. Among the 11 arrested was the brain of the cell, and also a man who is an expert in making bombs.

The arrest scene in Fez pulled dozens of inhabitants of the city, which their relief expressed by the Moroccan national anthem to sing en masse, as can be seen in the video below

[video = youtube;-XiVrSBHdvY] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v =-XiVrSBHdvY [/video]