First steps for economic trade zone with China in region Fez-Meknes

The previous trade trip by King Mohammed VI to China seems to be instantiated.

Yesterday was by the Moroccan CRI (regional investment centre) signed an agreement with the Chinese CAIC (Organization for industrial cooperation). This agreement in principle includes the first steps for the realization of an industrial trade zone in the region of Fez-Meknes.

At the conclusion of this agreement between the two sides had different political and economic leaders from the region. Think of the wali of the Fez-Meknes region, the Governor of Fez, as well as a good number of great entrepreneurs.

As is well known, visited King Mohammed VI last calendar year China, this visit was dedicated to improving economic and political ties. During this visit the King also announced the abolition of visas for Chinese nationals. That abolition went in on June 1, 2016 in and since then, the number of Chinese tourists in Morocco increased excessively.

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