Lombok, the island of thousand mosques

One of the most beautiful, tropical and Muslim-friendly destinations in the world.

Indonesia, located in the extreme South-East of Asia has no less than 14,572 tropical islands surrounded by clear turquoise waters and an abundant marine life. One of the medium-sized Islands, Lombok and is located between the famous tourist island of Bali and what lesser-known Island Sumbawa.

Despite the colourful multicultural society, which lives together in peaceful harmony, is more than 80% of the 2.4 million population Muslim. In addition, the island presents itself as Muslim friendly tourist destination, as opposed to Bali where the majority Hindu and many young Australians during the summer holidays come to party in the many beach clubs.

Every village on Lombok has at least one mosque built with many colors and in varying architectural styles. This makes Lombok also called the island of thousand mosques called and it is one of the most beautiful, tropical and Muslim-friendly destinations in the world.

Lombok has its own international airport and it is fairly easy to reach the island. Because it isn't the most chosen destination is, however, free airline tickets can be costly. When you click this wants to save costs, it may be an idea to look at the price difference with a plane ticket to the popular Bali.

Lombok from Bali, it is fairly easy to be reached by boat. You have the choice of a bus ticket for about 12 euros with which you by bus to the Balinese port of Padang Bai travel and then by ferry to Lombok. This is the cheapest option and takes about eight hours together. A faster option is the so-called fastboat, this means that you are in about three hours on Lombok, this option costs about 25 euros.

Indonesian cuisine is very varied and delicious, Lombok is no exception. There are almost only halal restaurants and you do no need to worry if there is something you like.

Of the so-called Warungs (small and very cheap restaurants) to the most luxurious culinary adventures with your feet in the sand while you enjoy spectacular sea views. When you spicy food keeps you on this island is also good, Lombok is the Indonesian Word for pepper and that you will find in the local cuisine.

Tip: the capital of Lombok, Mataram is the local speciality here is: Ayam Taliwang. It consists of a whole roasted chicken with special local herbs, a delicious dish that you will find nowhere else in the world!

That there is an abundance of mosques can be visited on Lombok is clear with so much choice. A very special place to visit, however, is the Pura Lingsar Temple. Beautifully situated between the rice fields in the West of Lombok you can find perhaps the most important religious place of the island.

The temple is built by Balinese Hindus in 1714 but is certainly not just a Hindu temple, it is half Hindu and half Muslim. In this temple also peacefully side by side next to the Muslims than Hindus practice the faith. This makes that this temple is the symbol for the religious unity that prevails there on Lombok. A beautiful and unique place on Earth!

For the adventurous Muslim travellers among us it is possible to 3,726 metres high to climb Rinjani volcano. It is the second highest volcano of Indonesia and a very difficult hike that takes several days. In two days it is possible to reach the top where you can enjoy the most amazing views.

However, three days from pull for this adventure you can after the Summit to the Segara Anak Lake. An unearthly beautiful Lake with crystal clear water and even a hotspring in which you can relax after your great achievement. It is clear that you must be in excellent physical condition to this tour to accomplish.

With a limited physical effort it is possible to unimaginably beautiful waterfalls to visit. Especially in the Gunung Rinjani National Park near the village of Senaru is a few gorgeous copies. These are Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls which you could visit with or without a guide. The trip is about a path with a limited number of stairs up and down. The path takes you through green jungle, over large rocks and wading through rivers but it is definitely doable. It is a nice day trip and the reward after reaching the falls is great.

Gili literally means small island in Indonesian. Lombok has dire lot of gillis close to the coast. These islands are all true tropical paradises and the ultimate place to spend a few days simply relax and enjoy all the beauty around you.

We advise to the islands of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air on the west coast of the island. Go here: many tourists from Bali with boat trips which makes it look a little less Muslim friendly. Instead, you can choose from one of the many islands on the East coast of Lombok, such as Gili Gili Gili Kondo, Lampu or Kapal. Life is really beautiful, don't forget to go snorkeling or diving and underwater life to admire!

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