CHAN 2018: Kenya Morocco instead of continental tournament organizer

A beautiful dress for Morocco as organizing football country in view of the forthcoming designation of the host country for the World Cup 2026.

Made this morning both the African football CAF as the Moroccan Federation FRMF the news world, the CHAN coming calendar year 2018 will be held in Morocco. This allocation follows the withdrawal of Kenya as guest country, originally both the CAF as the country itself decided this after to have found that the funds were insufficient (infrastructure among other things) to host the tournament successfully. In the press release of the CAF is to read that in addition to Equatorial Guinea and Morocco also Ethiopia in the race were for the CHAN, these countries could not match the bid of Morocco.

For most football fans is the African Cup the only real tournament what counts on the African continent, however is there not so long ago, another variant. The CHAN knows the participation of a total of 16 countries competing for the Grand Prize. The only difference from the usual Africa Cup is that during the CHAN may be used only by players from the local leagues. The Moroccan national football team under the leadership of head coach Jamal Sachdeva, which developed to place at the expense of Egypt already knew, so only players active in the Botola Pro.

This Edition, the fifth again, will be finished in 4 cities: Marrakech, Agadir, Casablanca and Tangier. The tournament begins on January 12, the final is played on 4 February.

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