BCIJ does further house search at mastermind behind Daesh-cell

In the family house of the brains of the cell were even more chemicals found.

Yesterday, the security and intelligence service BCIJ a large battle in FES and was there a . Upon closer examination by the BCIJ there was a search conducted in the family home of the mastermind behind the cell in Khouribga. Found several chemicals were used in the manufacture of explosives, reported the Interior Ministry in a statement.

These chemicals include powders, liquids and pesticides. In addition there seized a thermometer, a metal pipe that is used in the manufacture of explosives, weapons and manuscripts that contain chemical formulas, the statement said, adding that these suspicious products will be subject to further expertise to the exact nature.

The Ministry recalled that the mastermind behind this terrorist cell, arrested in a "safe refuge" in Fez, had gained great expertise in the manufacture of explosives and planned with the other members of the cell to various attacks committing on sensitive places in the Kingdom.