Austria makes jerk to the right

Austrian voters have a jerk to the right.

In the early parliamentary elections, the conservative ÖVP led by Sebastian Kurz a clear victory. The ÖVP got 31.7 percent of the vote according to preliminary results, a profit of almost 8 percentage points from the last elections in 2013. The right-wing FPÖ, 20.5 25.9 percent profit, also of to.

The social democratic SPÖ Chancellor's Christian Core comes in second place with 27% of the vote, but is hardly advanced. The Greens dropped 12.4 percent to 3.8 percent, below the threshold of 4 percent to remain in Parliament. The list of the Greens separated Peter Pilz sits there with 4.3 percent just above and the Liberal Neos are on 5.1 percent.

Continuation of the coalition of SPÖ and ÖVP is after their breakup in May is not expected, there are too many hard words campaigns in the cases.

ÖVP leader Kurz can with his 31 years the youngest Chancellor from the Austrian history. He has come out in favour of a strict immigration policy, something that also the Freedom Party stands for. Also with regard to the future of the European Union, the two parties find each other; they are both for an EU that limited itself to core tasks.

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