Islamic tombs destroyed in Switzerland

There was also graffiti with Muslims ' go away '.

Islamic tombs in the Bois de Vaux cemetery in Lausanne, a town in the French speaking part of Switzerland, were presumably destroyed Friday night, .

A man who every Saturday morning one of the graves of a loved one is visiting, discovered this Act of vandalism with a racist background.

On the way to the Islamic section of the cemetery he saw all kinds of graffiti tags with the text "Muslims go away". Flowers were taken away and placed anywhere around and some wooden parts of the tombs were also destroyed.

The Islamic part of Lausanne was open to early 2016 to accommodate approximately 350 funerals for the Muslim community in Vaud, where about 30,000 Muslims live. The project that was launched by the city in 2015, aroused much controversy on already and one started a petition against the assignment. This area of the Bois de Vaux cemetery is in the past have previously fallen victim to vandalism.